Because it’s the right thing to do

At The Lantern Fest, safety and environmental conservation sit firmly at the top of our priority list. Our mission is to illuminate the human spirit; bringing family and friends together through one incredible spectacle. Our goal is to leave a positive impact on all who attend our event as well as the local environment and community.

We work hard to provide 100 percent transparency into our event. In every city, we are required to meet certain safety and conservation standards; but we don’t stop there.

I have been consistently impressed with The Lantern Fest’s professionalism, commitment to fire safety and willingness to work with my office and city officials to ensure their event is safe, successful and family friendly.

City Official, El Dorado, KS

Going the extra mile

In addition to adhering to all local safety and permitting requirements, here are some of the precautions we take to go the extra mile. Our lanterns are exclusively sourced for The Lantern Fest, made with 100 percent biodegradable rice paper, bamboo and string. Our staff has been fully trained to effectively collect the lanterns launched during our event.

Here is how we recover the lanterns launched at The Lantern Fest:

During and Immediately After Launch

As lanterns are launched we send a team, equipped with fire extinguishers, to the general area where lanterns will be landing based on current weather conditions. This team isolates and monitors the landing area.

Two to Three hours After Launch

After all lanterns have launched and landed, The Lantern Fest crew and volunteers clean the venue and surrounding area. A small crew continues to monitor the lantern landing area.

Morning After Launch

A cleanup crew returns to the landing area early in the morning on the day after the event. This team sweeps the entire area to recover all lanterns that were launched the previous night.

Even with our massive efforts to collect each lantern, we realize that there is a chance we will miss one here and there. This is why our lanterns are specifically designed to disintegrate after a rain shower or two. Each of our lanterns also has a tag with a message prompting anyone who finds a lantern to let us know via a webpage created specifically to track lost lanterns.

For any lantern recovered after our crew cleans the area, we will make a donation to a local environmental impact charity organization.

Lantern Recovery

Sky lanterns are undeniably beautiful. However, many local authorities have banned the private use of these lanterns for the same reason they do not allow individuals to light fireworks from their homes. The Lantern Fest provides an opportunity for people to come together and experience this beauty in a safe, controlled space; just as people are allowed to do during professional firework shows on local or national holidays.

For each of our events, we work very closely with fire and safety authorities. Local regulations and changes in weather conditions are fully assessed in the months and days leading up to each event. We go to great lengths to make sure we are prepared for event day activities.

  • We carefully designed and engineered our lanterns with biodegradable fuel cells that have a burn time of 3 to 4 minutes. This allows us to know exactly where our lanterns will land and ensures that each fuel cell is completely extinguished before touching down.
  • Typically, we select a venue located outside of populated areas in order to eliminate risk for the local community.
  • As requested by local authorities, we have fully equipped local fire professionals, a licensed pyrotechnic expert and licensed paramedics present at our events.
  • A fully trained staff is present for each event. A trained volunteer group of no less than 40 local volunteers is also present to ensure safety practices are followed throughout the event.
  • 50 fire suppression devices are on hand at all times and available to volunteers and participants.
  • Safe lantern lighting procedures and lantern handling instructions are provided to all participants.
  • Participants under 16 years of age are not allowed to light or handle the lit lanterns.